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Zenmate VPN Full Review

ZenMate is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service Located in Berlin, Germany. This VPN's parent firm is named ZenGuard. This is an unfortunate choice of name if you Google it, you will get results to get a mouth guard that prevents folks snoring!


ZenMate is just one of those few VPNs on the planet which reaches out to people who don't speak English. The program can be customized to display text in Turkish, German, Korean, Russian, or Spanish, in addition to English. The site is also offered in a vast assortment of languages, even though the homepage remains in English for a few nationality choices.

Three Plan Choices

You've got three plan choices with ZenMate. You are able to use the service at no cost forever. There are not any data throughput limitations on this particular version, and you'll be able to use four of the server places of their company. You'll be pestered to update to the Premium service.


You're able to find the Premium support on a seven-day trial. Whichever site you see in your browser, you are going to notice an overlay box inviting you to take the Premium complimentary trial. Here are the only means to get the trial. It is not advertised on the primary website and is not an alternative on the sign-up webpage to the Premium version.

Free Trial

For into the free trial, then you have to find the welcome email that ZenMate delivered you when you install your password and username. Confirm your email address, then click on that overlay using the Premium free trial offer. Then you will have the ability to download the program from the account page. You can not access this free version within a program. You can add it to Chrome in the Chrome Web Shop, or receive an add-on to Firefox in the Firefox Add-ons website.


I checked the functionality of the VPN at getting into streaming solutions. Though these evaluations were performed in the united kingdom, I implemented the UK ZenMate server to find out whether popular streaming websites would detect that the VPN and obstruct access to articles. I attempted Netflix UK, BBC iPlayer, along with the Channel4 site. The Netflix proxy detection program saw the VPN and refused to send me content. But, I managed to see shows on BBC iPlayer and Channel4.


There's not any live chat for service and the site's service page is quite difficult to discover. You can not get the support system till you install an account and log into. The Support navigation menu choice contributes to a knowledge base webpage. There's not any button on this page to let you raise a support ticket.

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