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TunnelBear Full Review

TunnelBear is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that's both secure and dependable. It's a feature-packed VPN with applications for many platforms which retains exceptionally minimal and noninvasive link logs about its consumers. The VPN is great for beginners since it's super simple to use. Additionally, the VPN includes a beautifully written privacy policy that's up-to-date as well as transparent. The purchase price is excellent (especially in the event that you invest for a year), and also the totally free starter program lets anybody try the service out during its full capacities (using a use cap).

Among the few downsides of the VPN is the fact that it's located in Canada and doesn't operate with US Netflix. But, it gives excellent connection rates (now coming in at 5th quickest premium VPN service on earth). This is a place at which the VPN has produced some noticeable improvements since last year's inspection: a testament to the desire to keep enhancing the ceremony.


In maintaining its own exceptional sense of humour (that users are treated frequently in its emails), TunnelBear VPN includes three different payment programs: Little, Giant, and Grizzly. The fantastic thing is that because we examined Tunnelbear this past calendar year, the annual plan (Grizzly) comes down in cost (it had been price £4.99 but currently costs only £4.16).


Payment can be made through credit card or bank card, also Tunnelbear is quite specific about the way that it manages payment information in its own privacy policy. Obviously, it manages things in a very professional way (operating only with PCI compliant payment chips). PayPal isn't approved by TunnelBear VPN. The fantastic thing is that readers can pay with Bitcoin whenever they need.


TunnelBear VPN has servers in all 20 nations. This permits readers to feign to be in some of these areas to circumvent geographic limitations and neighbourhood censorship. The paid programs give readers access to each the servers. The Australian host is available to paid customers and can't be obtained on the totally free program.


Clients can get TunnelBear's international system in the desktop PC, notebook, smartphone, tablet computer, or perhaps utilizing a VPN-friendly router. In reality, it's possible to link using all those choices, because every premium account enables five simultaneous links.

Kill Button

A kill button prevents information from being leaked out this VPN tunnel when the VPN connection drops out. This prevents any unencrypted traffic from leaking into an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your privacy is protected by this. Please refer to this privacy and safety department later in this informative article to learn more.


GhostBear is now TunnelBear's VPN obfuscation technologies  It disguises OpenVPN visitors to help individuals get around firewalls (including the fantastic Firewall of China). It does so by applying proxy. This creates VPN encryption jaded by authorities, ISPs, and companies -- making it look like ordinary HTTPS traffic.

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